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Joan Gurney

Developer & Interaction Architect

Hello! My name’s Joan and I am a front-end developer & interaction architect from Vancouver, BC. View my work below, or contact me for project inquiries.

Joan Gurney

About Me

My name is Joan Gurney and I’m an interactive designer specializing in IA and front-end development.

I have a background in print based graphic design but after working in the industry I discovered my real passion came from the digital world and learning about new technology. I went back to school and am now a graduate of Capilano University’s Interactive Design Program.

In my spare time I’m a closet case Martha Stew­art — I bake, craft, orga­nize, paint, knit, gar­den and try (with lit­tle restraint) not to cover every­thing with rib­bons and glitter.


If you have any questions, comments, project enquiries, or just feel like saying hello, I'd love to hear from you!

Location: Vancouver, BC