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Karma Wave

Karma Wave is a website dedicated to spreading kindness, good deeds and positivity across the globe. It provides users with a space where they can easily see what good deeds are taking place and where. The goal is to have users interact with the site, share their posts through social media, and most importantly get users to connect with one another in real life as opposed to strictly through a mobile device.

I began this project by creating a user survey to gain insight into what kindness means to different people, and also to find out how they interact with social media. Based on these results, Karma Wave was born.

Karma Pebbles represent a small act of kindness. Users can create their own pebbles, subscribe to the daily pebble or collect pebbles from other users. Each pebble consists of a short title and description which explains the act of kindness. Pebbles get dropped onto the Karma Map and in turn create "ripples". If someone wants to post a good deed they have done, they drop a pebble, but if someone has been on the receiving end of a good deed and would like to share it, they post a "ripple felt".

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