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Where's My Money

Where’s My Money is a budgeting app targeted specifically towards college students. It has an extremely simplified and easy to use interface that helps busy students quickly set and calculate their monthly budget without having to fidget through complicated settings that are often found on other financial based applications.

Where's My Money budgeting app for ios

Users can set their budget and track their total income and expenses. A countdown on the home screen displays the date, remaining budget for the month and how many days are left to budget for.

When a user adds a new expense, they can record the date, total amount spent, budget category, frequency of occurrence (users can select 'monthly', 'bi-weekly' etc, for reoccurring expenses like rent and utility payments) and add additional notes describing the expense in detail.

Where's My Money budgeting app for ios

The app comes pre-loaded with a list of categories for users to select from, however users can make edits to this list by adding or deleting categories to suit their needs.

Where's My Money budgeting app for ios